System Requirements

To successfully setup “phpBB Platinum” pack you need to meet several requirements.

  1. Your server should run any POSIX compatible operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, etc.).
  2. Apache or nginx as a web server (we didn't test on others).
  3. Turned on mod_rewrite or equivalent module.

Steps to install

  1. Make directory in your web-server document root.
  2. Extract files from distribution archive to this directory.
  3. Make sure that directory's owner and web-server's user are the same (eg. chown -R www-data <your directory>).
  4. Make directory owner be able to write here and any sublolder in it (chmod u+w <your directory>)
  5. Go with your browser to this directory. (eg.
  6. Follow standart phpBB installation procedure.
  7. At the end remove /builds/phpBB3/install located in your forum directory.

Further support

If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to write to our support forum.